How We Sell For Less


  • We do not have over sized lavish showrooms, or the over sized expenses that comes with them. 


  • We are family owned and operated, so our markup does not need to be as high as the larger coorporations. 


  • We have great relationships with our freight service companies, We get a better rate for delivering such large quantities. 


  • We are up front with our delivery time frames, which equates to a lower percentage of returns and cancellations. 


  • We run our advertising in house, saving thousands that we pass onto our consumers. 


  • We offer superior customer service. Our sales associates do not handle our customer care issues. We have around the clock customer service staff that are well trained to reaching the right solutions. 


  • All of our furniture is brand new in the unopened packaging directly from the manufactures. We ship Ashley Furniture directly in from their warehouse and straight to the end consumer.